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Software Engineer

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Our team is looking for a Sr Software Engineer to build and deploy powerful web applications for our clients. We work with large companies, startups and agencies. The successful candidate will develop new features and functionality, and web services for a growing web platform, native applications and data reporting structure.

Software Engineers use modern tools and techniques to empower the front-end teams with new features and capabilities for the platform. They’re experts in back-end technology stacks, frameworks and libraries, and have a thorough understanding of building web services in traditional server environments, as well as modern serverless infrastructures . They are contributing members of the application engineering team, and partners with the front-end, QA and product teams.

About the project

You will join to a logistic project for one of the biggest US companies. Developing a platform that allows to track, follow up, and improve all the system and tasks related to trucks, drivers and business. It’s a great opportunity to implement your ideas and to grow in an excellent senior team.


  • Develop new features and capabilities for web and mobile applications.
  • Write efficient and flexible code that supports a growing startup.
  • Focus on the successful execution of complex new features.
  • Work regularly with the client teams and collaborate across multiple groups within large organization.


  • 7 / 10+ years of application engineering experience full time hands-on.
  • +3 years working with NodeJS, using frameworks such as Nest, Express, etc.
  • +2 years working with Typescript.
  • +2 years working with ReactJS, using GraphQL, Mobx, etc.
  • Computer Science degree or equivalent experience with complex engineering principles.
  • Strong architecture and programming skills.
  • Deep understanding of web architecture and experience building complex scalable applications.
  • Knowledge of web app frameworks and event driven services.
  • Experience with agile methodologies, such as Scrum, Sprint Planning, Pull Requests, and Code Reviews.
  • Excellent communication skills in English. Level C1
  • Many of our clients operate on EST business hours. While this position is fully remote, only candidates within 2 hrs of EST will be considered.
  • MongoDB, Big Query, Snowflake.

Bonus Points

  • Experience with data engineering tasks including ETL, third party integrations, CRMs, CDPs, and SQL or NoSQL databases.
  • Experience developing an event driven software architecture, and/or using tools like Kafka, Kinesis or Confluent.
  • Experience working in an international company.
  • Workday must overlap by at least 8 hours with Miami, FL, USA.

We offer:

  • Fully remote.
  • Long-term.
  • Full-time.
  • Compensation in US Dollars.


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