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About Company:

Provide cohort based courses for companies in LatAm. Our instructors are professionals from companies like Amazon, Stripe, Uber and more.

About the role

Why you might be excited about us

● We're working to solve the future of local entrepreneurship, starting by home services. If you have an emotional connection to the rewards of owning a small business - you'll love our mission!

● We're extremely small, so there is no bureaucracy. As the company grows, your responsibilities will too

● We don't like having meetings. If we can effectively solve a problem by running an async discussion, we do so. If we meet synchronously, it's because there's a need to debate something in a live forum

● We're an extremely diverse team, with backgrounds spanning from hyper growth startups to professional golf. We'd love to know what you're bringing to the table!

● We will help you do great work, but we do not micro-manage

● We work hard but highly value balanced work/life

● We care about family and your own personal development, and don't expect for you to be always engaged with work

We're likely not a good fit if you

● We're small, so if you like more established companies, it's not (yet) the right time. You'll help build the company's culture

● Since we're an early-stage startup, projects and priorities may shift often

● We're building the plane while we fly it, so that means sometimes the answers to your questions may be "go build it"

● You'll be given intentions, not instructions, meaning that we'll expect you to be a creative thinker and scrappy enough to build things on your own


  • 2 years experience in position.
  • Experience handling work orders (from property managers).
  • English advanced — must handle the language fluently daily.

Conditions and benefits

Hybrid - Our offices are located in HIT Libertador building.

Contractor - Long Term

Paid vacations + American Holidays

Payment:USD + bonus

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