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Human Resources Manager Jamaica

Recursos Humanos

POSITION OBJECTIVE: Drive the Human Resources function, implementing plans and programs based on best practices and guidelines in line with corporate and government, to ensure that the company has the human capital to enable it to achieve its vision.




  1. Contribute to the formulation, development and implementation of H.R. strategy, in accordance with timetables for annual budgets, initiatives and reviews. Ensure H.R policies are incorporated in the overall strategic plan of the organization.
  2. Coordinate activities related to the Annual Employee Opinion Survey.
  3. Develop new and enhance existing H.R policies and procedures periodically or as situations dictate.
  4. Oversee recruitment and selection processes, upon approved, to effectively selecting personnel as best fit for job roles.
  5. Apply and communicate employment and other relevant legislation and HR best practices.
  6. Periodically oversee promotion, grading, reward and recognition processes of employees.
  7. Undertake case work on a broad range of issues including discipline, performance, health/safety, disputes resolution, negotiations, difficult and sensitive inquiries/complaints, etc.
  8. Manage employee payroll processes, and all those processes that in turn impact it and have an impact on discounts or income for employees.
  9. Deliver internal training events, providing all round training support/guidance, periodically and upon request.
  10. Receive and process requests of service for employees such as job letters, benefits information, etc.
  11. Comply with all local labor legislations in the HR processes, decisions and projects.
  12. Supervise the work of direct reports, establish for them the associated performance metrics, periodically evaluate their results, provide feedback and development plans for improvement where applicable.
  13. Keep within the team a climate that encourages commitment and high performance.
  14. Identify and coordinate training programs developing the skills required for the employees under your supervision.

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