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Customer Success Analyst

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About Company:

Provide cohort based courses for companies in LatAm. Our instructors are professionals from companies like Amazon, Stripe, Uber and more.

About the role

As a Customer Success Analyst, you will be responsible for ensuring the operational success of our courses to deliver the best possible experience for both students and class leads.

This role’s underlying objective is customer success (high NPS and Course Completion Rates). You will be responsible for surveys and in-depth interviews to obtain relevant feedback on the course and ensure day-to-day operations and communications related to our training programs (online and live learning components).

This is a great job for someone who is passionate about startups/tech/digital skills and interested in learning more about them. You'll have an unparalleled understanding of how these new digital era roles work at both global and regional companies.

What you will do

● Manage APP by managing all our training programs and registering students.

● Plan capacity

● Onboard teacher assistants and class leads to be prepared before our live sessions.

● Own all planning, scheduling, calendar management and live sessions for training programs. This task includes coordinating review sessions with Class Leads, Content Team, and external Teacher Assistants, coordinating student project corrections with the Project Reviewers, and scheduling Class Leads and live sessions, among other activities.

● Supervise follow-up communications for students' group projects.

● Send final certificates to students when they have successfully completed the training.

● Track and do a weekly report of all our program metrics (NPS, Completion Rates, others) in our Customer Success Dashboard.

● You will be in charge of Market Research practices that includes analyzing student surveys about our training programs, conducting 1:1 Interviews with students to find out a variety of insights, and overseeing the analysis of these in-depth interviews.


  • 2+ years of exp. managing customer service teams. 
  • Experience with operations and process execution.
  • Autonomous, decisive, versatile profiles.
  • English advanced — must handle the language fluently daily

Conditions and benefits

Hybrid - Our offices are located in HIT Libertador building.

Contractor - Long Term

Paid vacations + American Holidays

Payment:USD + bonus

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